Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

somnio is the first and, to date, the only digital health app (DiGA) for sleep medicine approved by the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). This means it can be prescribed by doctors and psychotherapists.
somnio can be used for patients with non-organic insomnia (F51.0). Patients with this diagnosis have been suffering for a longer period from sleep onset and sleep maintenance insomnia several times a week and thus feel that the sleep problems affect how they feel during the day.
somnio is not recommended for use by patients with bipolar affective disorder (F31) or epilepsy (G40) and patients under 18. Other physical or mental diseases such as depression or anxiety disorder are not exclusion criteria for prescribing somnio.
Like all digital health apps (DiGA), somnio is available on prescription (template 16). On the health insurance prescription, enter the PZN 16898724 and the name somnio. The diagnosis and prescription period do nothave to be entered on the prescription. Alternatively, it can be prescribed by means of a proof of diagnosis. Download a template for patients insured by a statutory health insurer and atemplate for patients by a private health insurer here.
somnio can be prescribed by doctors and psychotherapists from all specialisms.
The “issuing of a first prescription of somnio” can be invoiced with the GOP 01470 (18 points). The “Evaluation and progress control associated with the application somnio” can be invoiced with the GOP 01471 (64 points). This can either be done verbally or with a printed program report of the patient or with the monitor ( Remuneration of time expenditure does not affect your prescription budget (extra-budgetary).

DiGA are extra-budgetaryand are therefore not charged to your drug or therapeutic budget.

To analyse the patient’s progress data, you can use the patient’s printed report or view patient data via the medical report (see below). Alternatively, you can conduct the meeting verbally. Billing with GOP 01471 is possible with all variants.

The medical report can be used during the consultation. It works as follows:

1. Patient’s access code

Ask your patient to generate the 8-digit access code under menu point “medical report” and to send it to you.

2. Start medical report and request access

Open the medical report under and enter your name and the access code. (When you enter your name, the patient will know your identity).

3. Wait for confirmation

Once the patient has confirmed your access query in the program, you can see the evaluation.

The use of the medical report is voluntary.

Yes, a psychological psychotherapy can be supported by somnio.

Yes, this is of course possible without further ado. Patients can also contact their health insurance company and request another license code, since the indication is already given. The new license code is then entered by the patient in their profile to extend the license, so that the previous progress is retained.

The RCT at the University of Zurich randomised patients with a diagnosis of “insomnia” into a treatment group (use of somnio) and a waiting list control group In the treatment group, insomnia symptoms reduced by 50% over the treatment period, while there was no significant change in the control group. Sleep onset was faster and waking in the night was significantly reduced in the treatment group. The treatment effect was stable after 12 months (follow-up survey). After treatment with somnio, 56% of participants in the treatment group achieved remission compared with 11% in the control group (remission criterion = ISI score < 8), this corresponds to an NNT of 2.23. This study is available here.
The DiGA data storage is subject to strict requirements, which is why somnio, for example, does not use any American cloud providers (such as GCP, AWS) and only stores personal data in Germany. The data are not passed on to third parties, even to the health insurer. Users have data ownership and can independently request that their data be deleted.

No problem. As a psychotherapist you can enter the fictitious doctor identification number 999999999 (9×9). You can also order template 16 health insurance prescriptions from your health insurer, or in smaller quantities, from us.