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What is somnio?

somnio is the first digital health app (DiGA) for the treatment of sleep-onset and sleep maintenance insomnia. Because it’s an “app on prescription”, your doctor or psychotherapist can prescribe you somnio. All statutory and many private health insurance providers cover the costs.

somnio helps you:

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somnio is a certified
medical product

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somnio is an
approved digital health app

somnio fulfills highest
data protection requirements

Download somnio

somnio is available for download in the Apple Appstore and Google Play for Android:

After successful registration you will receive all information about the further steps by e-mail or under the menu item “Prescription of somnio “. Please note that somnio as a DiGA can only be started after being prescribed by your doctor or psychotherapist. Only then can you start your sleep training after the download.

What is a DiGA

DiGA is the German abbreviation for “digital health apps”.

DiGA are class I or IIa medical devices and are tested and approved by the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). DiGA only receive a permanent approval if a positive treatment effect has been demonstrated – for instance, in a controlled clinical trial.

DiGA open up a range of options to support the detection and treatment of diseases, and set users on a path to an autonomous health-promoting lifestyle. Approved DiGA can be prescribed by doctors and psychotherapists with a health insurance prescription as an “app on prescription”.

Is somnio suitable for all patients?

somnio is designed for the treatment of patients with sleep onset and sleep maintenance insomnia who, because of the healthcare conditions, have no access to sleep treatment methods in accordance with guidelines, or who prefer digital treatment.

somnio is a digital implementation of cognitive behavioral therapy approaches for insomnia and gives those seeking help rapid access to highly efficient treatment methods.

The aim of somnio is to reduce the symptoms of insomnia.
Insomnia is diagnosed by doctors or psychotherapists.

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Grafische Darstellung von Nutzerkommentaren
"Thank you for the helpful training - it has helped me, and I have changed my attitude towards sleep and have become much more relaxed and as a result, my sleep has improved."
Susanne L. (57 years)
"I would like to thank the team from the bottom of my heart for the great program, which I can recommend to anyone with insomnia."
Doris E. (81 years)
"I had my doubts, but then tried it, without any pressure. The knowledge I was given about sleep and above all, the relaxation exercises helped me a lot. The result is ...... I AM ABLE TO SLEEP. Thank you very much."
Rafael M. (48 years)
"I have benefited from your sleep program. Albert was very helpful, I got a lot of suggestions and set rules. They have improved my sleep. Albert is fantastic."
Uschi W. (72 years)

How is somnio prescribed as an app?

Persons with sleep onset and sleep maintenance insomnia consult their doctor, psychotherapist or discuss the symptoms in the medical consultation with a telemedical supplier (e. g. Teleclinic or Avimedical ). If insomnia is diagnosed, somnio can be prescribed by all doctors and psychotherapists either via a health insurance prescription (template 16) or as a prescription based on proof of diagnosis.

Make an appointment in a few minutes and have your first consultation within 24 hours:

If you have any questions on somnio
or on the prescription process of the DiGA somnio?

Call us on

0341 581 444 33

(Mon-Fri from 8.00 am – 6.00 pm)

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Who are the creators of somnio

mementor was founded in 2014 in Switzerland. mementor DE GmbH is the German subsidiary based in Leipzig. mementor develops evidence-based digital health apps for quick access to highly effective treatment methods.

As an interdisciplinary expert team, we combine our expertise from psychology, medicine and software development to develop innovative medical devices.

Our experts


Prof. Dr. Christoph Schöbel

Professor of sleep and telemedicine | Head of the Sleep Medicine Centre at the University of Essen | Specialist for internal medicine, cardiology and sleep medicine | Somnology – German Sleep Society (DGSM), European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) (Scientific Advisory Board)

(Scientific Advisory Board)


Dr. Holger Hein

Specialist in internal medicine, pneumology, allergology and sleep medicine | Head of the Commission for Aids of the DGSM and Regional Manager North | Chairman of the North German Association for Sleep Medicine

(Scientific Advisory Board)


Dr. Hans-Günter Weeß

Psychologist | Board member of the DGSM | Head of the interdisciplinary sleep center at the Pfalzklinikum in Klingenmünster

(Scientific Advisory Board)


Dr. Noah Lorenz

Psychologist and Dr. rer. nat. in the field of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

CEO – mementor DE GmbH



Alexander Rötger


Head of the Expert Groups department – mementor DE GmbH


Dr. Leonie Maurer

PhD Clinical Neurosciences

Head of Science – mementor DE GmbH

Data protection & security

The DiGA somnio fully complies with the requirements for data protection and information security as required by the General Data Protection

We will treat your data as confidential. Our program is also designed so that users do not have to enter their full name or other data that are irrelevant to the program. You still maintain full control of your data. As a DiGA user you can export all your data or stop the processing of all your data at any time.

We have an ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System (ISMS). This ensures that we are positioned both technically and organisationally to respond to current and future challenges and threats, and that we are constantly evolving.

ISO Zertifizierung

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