The digital sleep training

The first app on prescription for insomnia, using established treatment methods from sleep medicine.

somnio is a CE certified medical product

somnio is an approved digital health app (DiGA)

somnio meets the highest data protection requirements

For medical personnel

somnio can be prescribed by doctors and therapists

For users

You suffer from insomnia and would like to use the digital sleep training somnio?

somnio is a digital health application (DiGA) and as

such, it must be prescribed by a physician or psychotherapist. You need
the prescription to activate your account. All statutory and many
private health insurance companies cover the costs.
Find out here how to get access to somnio.

App on prescription

The Digital Health Care Act introduced the “app on prescription” into German health care.

somnio is the first DiGA (Digital Health Application) in the field of sleep medicine to be tested and approved by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices. The costs for the use of somnio are covered by ALL statutory and many private health insurance companies.

A doctor’s prescription is required for access.

What can I expect from somnio?

Many people know the feeling: sleep just won’t come. And the more you long for it, the longer it takes. But difficulties with falling asleep and staying asleep don’t have to be your constant companion.

Effective treatment methods can help people get back to a good night’s sleep. The German Sleep Society recommends the scientifically well-studied cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (KVT-I). The content of somnio is based on these methods.

Albert, the digital sleep expert

In somnio, Albert, the digital sleep expert, is here to help – a smart companion, based on an intelligent algorithm developed by sleep researchers. With his support, you complete several modules during which Albert will ask you relevant questions, impart essential knowledge about sleep and help you optimise your sleep behavior.

With your responses and the data from the sleep journal, Albert creates a personalized training program that helps you achieve your sleep goals – whether it’s falling asleep faster or reducing the number of awake phases during the night.

Who benefits from the sleep training?

somnio can offer you support if you suffer from insomnia.
Insomnia is characterized by one or more of the following core symptoms:

Problems falling asleep

You are tossing and turning in bed, your thoughts are racing, and you can't fall asleep.

Problems remaining asleep

You keep waking up at night and it takes you some time to fall asleep again.

Waking up too early

You wake up very early in the morning, long before you were supposed to get up. You try to go back to sleep, but you stay awake.

Clinical proof of efficacy

The medical benefit of somnio with positive care effect was demonstrated in a randomized controlled trial.

The study showed that insomnia symptoms could be reduced by 50% in users of the digital sleep training. In addition, the time spent awake at night was significantly reduced in the intervention group.

The effects were also stable in a 12-month follow-up study.

0 mins
less time to fall asleep
0 mins
shorter awake time at night
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better ability to perform during the day

Get access

For free as an app on prescription (GKV)

Private health insurance users or self-payer

How can I use somnio?

The program can be used in the web browser and can be used anywhere and at any time without installation. The sleep training is also available as an app for iOS and Android.

Telemedicine prescription

You also have the option of having somnio prescribed from home or on the road: With telemedicine providers such as TeleClinic, ZAVA or others, medical consultations about your sleep problems are done easily and quickly via video.

Find out how it works below.

What happens with my data?

We take data protection very seriously. Therefore, only the most necessary information is stored. For optimal medical benefit, however, the program requires some information about your sleep behavior, such as times when you fall asleep and wake up.

Personal data is processed and stored only for medical purposes and with your explicit consent.

The data is stored exclusively on servers in Germany, and we do not use American providers as a matter of principle.

The data will not be passed on to third parties and will not be used for advertising or other purposes not previously specified by us.

However, you do not have to provide any personal information such as your full name, address, etc.. Only your e-mail address is required so that the sleep coach can, for example, invite you to new modules or recommend various exercises to you.

You can find more information about data protection in our privacy policy.