Who are the creators of somnio

mementor was founded in Zurich (Switzerland) in 2014. mementor DE GmbH is the German subsidiary based in Leipzig. Together, we develop digital health apps for easy and fast access to highly effective treatment methods. As an experienced team of experts, we combine our skills in psychology and software development for innovative medical devices.

Our experts

Our experienced experts in the field of sleep medicine and research:


Prof. Dr. Christoph Schöbel

Professor of sleep and telemedicine | Head of the Sleep Medicine Centre at the University of Essen | Specialist for internal medicine, cardiology and sleep medicine | Somnology – German Sleep Society (DGSM), European Sleep Research Society (ESRS)


Dr. Holger Hein

Specialist in internal medicine, pneumology, allergology and sleep medicine | Head of the Commission for Aids of the DGSM and Regional Manager North | Chairman of the North German Association for Sleep Medicine


Dr. Hans-Günter Weeß

Psychologist | Board member of the DGSM | Head of the interdisciplinary sleep center at the Pfalzklinikum in Klingenmünster


Dr. Noah Lorenz

M.Sc. Psychologie

CEO – mementor DE GmbH


Alexander Rötger

M.Sc. Psychologie

CMO – mementor DE GmbH


Dr. Leonie Maurer

PhD Clinical Neurosciences

Head of Science – mementor DE GmbH