What is somnio?

somnio is a prescription app for the treatment of problems falling asleep and remaining asleep. With somnio, it is now possible for those affected to quickly and easily start effective treatment for sleep disorders. Digital on smartphone, tablet or computer

somnio is the first approved digital health application (DiGA) in the field of sleep medicine and can be prescribed by doctors and psychotherapists as an app on prescription.

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Beratung zwischen Therapeutin und Patientin

Effective treatment method

The German Sleep Society (DGSM) recommends “cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia” (CBT-I) in adult insomnia patients as the first line of treatment. somnio has been developed based on this form of therapy. In CBT-I, patients get to know effective methods, exercises and techniques to address the causes and maintaining factors of the sleep disorder and to reduce sleep disorders in the long term.

somnio helps you:

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