Supported devices

somnio is available as an app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android:

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (iOS 10.3 or higher)

Smartphone/tablet (Android 8.0 or higher)

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The program runs independently of the operating system on all devices (laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone) that have one of the following web browsers:

Desktop & Laptop

Chrome (v. 83)

Safari (v. 13)

Firefox (v. 78)

Edge (v. 83)

Mobile devices

iOS Safari (v. 13.5)

Android Browser (v. 81) with Android 8.0 or higher

Chrome for Android (v. 81) with Android 8.0 or later

Chrome for iOS (v. 84)

In order for somnio to be able to be used, the device must be constantly connected to the Internet and meet the following minimum hardware requirements:

1.8 GHz CPU (dual core)

2 GB de RAM

PowerVR GT7600 GPU (or similiar)

8 GB storage

somnio can be connected to activity trackers to automatically fill out journal entries.