Sleep on prescription: Digital Health Startup mementor secures financing.

Leipzig, 27 July 2020 – Smart Infrastructure Ventures invests in the digital health startup mementor. Together with a Leipzig family office from the IT security and data protection sector and the former managing directors of Ratiopharm and Spreadshirt, the private venture capitalist has invested a medium six-figure amount in the startup.

mementor is a provider of digital medical products in the field of sleep medicine. With its first product, the startup has created a digital solution for the treatment of sleep disorders, aimed at closing the gap in the treatment of patients with insomnia. The goal is to have the costs of healthcare services covered by health insurance companies. This has already been achieved for some of the insured users through cooperation with some large insurance companies.

“With the new capital, we would like to achieve a nationwide coverage of the costs by the health insurance companies”, explains Noah Lorenz, founder and managing director of mementor. This is made possible by the new legal framework of the Digital Healthcare Act (Digitales Versorgungsgesetz). Doctors and psychotherapists will soon be able to prescribe the mementor digital sleep training.

The number of potential users is high: In total, about 10% of the adult population suffer from insomnia and currently only a small percentage of those affected receive professional help. In order to change this, mementor offers  a digital solution for sleep disorders available anytime and anywhere. The program collects sleep and behavioral data of the patient either via a digital sleep journal (short questionnaires to be completed in the morning and in the evening) or via sleep tracker devices. In 11 modules, the program applies cognitive-behavioral therapeutic techniques for the treatment of insomnia. Users are able to consult a digital sleep coach anytime, anywhere, using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. In six online sessions, recognized exercises and methods from the field of cognitive behavioral therapy are used on the basis of individual sleep data to improve sleep in the long term. “Exclusively guideline-compliant methods from the sleep medical research are used”, emphasizes Lorenz. For example, those affected learn how to optimize their sleep times, how to follow an individually coordinated sleep-wake rhythm, how to deal with sleep-obstructing thoughts, or how to get themselves into the right state of mind for sleep through relaxation techniques.

Several health insurance companies and companies have recognized the potential and the advantages of the product at an early stage. Since the beginning of this year, the Techniker Krankenkasse has made the product available to all its policyholders free of charge.

About mementor:

The company mementor was founded in 2014 by Noah Lorenz, Alexander Rötger and Jan Kühni in Switzerland. Since January 2020, the start-up has been operating from its new location in Leipzig. mementor develops digital medical products in the sleep medicine field and related areas. The first product is a digital sleep training for the treatment of sleep disorders (insomnia). Only effective techniques from medical sleep research are used. A clinical study of the University of Zürich has confirmed the effectiveness of the product. The company has been able to establish cooperation with the largest health insurance companies in Germany and Switzerland (Techniker Krankenkasse and CSS), which already cover the costs of insured persons.

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